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 Chief executives of Khajanchi group of Companies



Mr. S.L.Khajanchi has a vast experience of over six decades in Managing the Khajanchi Group of Companies. He is a Social worker and associated with many social welfare organizations in Maharastra and Rajasthan States of India.


He is in early 50s an associated with many Khajanchi Group of Companies. He is associated mainly with the procurement of Agro-products. Besides management of manpower and warehouse for several years.


He is in his late 40s and a graduate in Commerce. He is associated with many companies of Khajanchi Group and manages them professionally. He has expertise in Administration, Marketing, and Finance. He has visited abroad several times in connection with the export business and has a wide overseas contact. He has twenty years of experienced in business, specially marketing and exports.


He is in early 40s and a bachelor of Architecture. He is practicing architect and has an experience of over eighteen years. He is a life member of PEATA Practicing Engineer, Architect & Town Planners Association & AIIA-ALL India Institute of Architects. He is mainly associated with Nirmitee. He has a vast experience of Marketing of various products especially Handicrafts. Nirmitee has been exporting Handicrafts to USA.


He is in his early 40s and graduates in Commerce from the Bombay University. He is in the business of trade, distribution of food items. Besides this he is fully conversant with all matters related to Government laws, Imports, Exports, Financial Data Analysis, banking, computers etc. He is associated with business transactions of all Khajanchi Group Companies.

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